Example 5: adding a new command to Report Viewer pop-up menu

This example shows adding a user-defined command to the pop-up menu for Element_with_Branches.prl. The Elements with Branches report lists all elements associated with a branch and path that the user provides. This report includes the following columns:
  • Element Path
  • Branch

The report procedure is located in versionvault-home-dir\Reports\Scripts\Elements\Branches\Elements_with_Branches.prl.

The change to this report adds the Merge Manager command to the pop-up menu. This command is not supplied with HCL VersionVault Reports, so the work required to include it is different from that described in Example 4: changing the pop-up menu for right-click handling.

These commands currently appear on the pop-up menu:
  • Properties of Element
  • Version Tree
  • History