Processing logic

The processing logic of Elements_Created_by_User.prl is as follows:
  1. When the Report Builder processes the interface specification, the report procedure yields two parameters:

    The mechanics of the LOOKIN parameter are described in Example 1: Adding a column to report output. The report procedure receives USER as a string of this form:

    USER= "user-name"

    This parameter specifies the user name that the cleartool subcommand uses.

  2. The USER string is extracted and stored as $ccuser. It is then passed to the created_by($ccuser).
  3. The created_by ($ccuser) query language primitive filters the paths specified to cleartool find and returns only those that match the predicate, in this case, those created by the user by setting a parameter value for USER.
  4. The user variable is printed in the same order specified in the interface specification so that it appears under the correct column heading.