Example 3: changing description, parameter types, and output

This example shows changing the report description, parameter types, and report output for Elements_Created_by_User.prl. The Elements Created by User report lists all elements created by the user-defined user name. This report includes the following columns:
  • Element Path
  • Creating User
The changes to this report do the following:
  • Display a new report description: Elements with Group.
  • Remove the existing user parameter and add a new parameters for group.
  • Compare the group associated with an element and the group specified in a user-defined group parameter.
  • Add a column in the report output for Group and Yes/No. The Yes/No column will reflect the result of the comparing whether the group associated with each element is the same as the value of the user-defined group parameter.

The script is located in versionvault-home-dir\Reports\Scripts\Elements\Elements_Created_by_User.prl.