Processing logic

The processing logic of Elements_with_New_Versions_Since_Date.prl is as follows:
  1. When the Report Builder processes the interface specification, the report procedure yields two parameters:

    The mechanics of the LOOKIN parameter are described in Example 1: Adding a column to report output. When the report procedure receives CCTIME, it is a string of this form:

    CCTIME = "time"

    This parameter specifies the times that the cleartool find command uses.

  2. When the report procedure is invoked by the Report Viewer with a fully qualified command line, the procedure extracts the values from the CCTIME string and passes them to the chooser_time_to_cctime() subroutine (located in common.prl). This routine converts the string to the correct format (for passing to cleartool) and returns the corrected string.
  3. The report procedure opens a pipe from a cleartool find -print command, with the converted cctime value passed in as a created_since(<cctime>) string. The value created_since is a query_language(1) predicate, which is frequently used in conjunction with the find command.
  4. As the values from the cleartool find command are returned, the report procedure calls cleartool describe on the output to get the version-creation time. The routine calls the time_to_ticks() routine (in common.prl) to get the time equivalent in ticks.
  5. The report procedure gets the path and version ID from the cleartool find output, splitting it on the value of the $CLEARCASE_XN_SFX extended naming symbol for the host. Finally, the report procedure prints the information in the same order as defined in the interface specification.