Processing logic

The processing logic of Versions_by_Date.prl is as follows:
  1. The LOOKIN parameter, which is the sole parameter for this function, is received in a string of this form:
    LOOKIN = "<path1> [<path2> ...]"

    This parameter specifies the list of paths with which the cleartool find command is to be invoked.

  2. When the routine is invoked, it extracts the paths from the LOOKIN string and passes them to the check_lookin() routine (located in common_script.prl).
  3. The routine check_lookin() then puts the paths into the global variable $ctfind_paths and encloses each path in double quotes; it also performs simple validations on the paths received.
  4. The report procedure calls cleartool lshistory, passing $ctfind_paths as the paths parameter, and with a -fmt parameter to return the necessary information.
  5. The report procedure executes a print statement with parameters (that is, the items to print) of the same number and order as the list passed during interface specification processing. The Report Builder has the information required to set up the column headings; the report procedure must conform to this specification to print its output.