Configuring shared report directories

When HCL VersionVault is installed on the client, the files for HCL VersionVault Reports are stored in versionvault-home-dir\reports. Before you modify the contents of this directory, create a copy of it in a shared location. You can then delete or rename folders and add or modify report procedures.

To create the copy, do one of the following:

  • Copy the files to a new directory.
  • Place a copy of the files under source control and create an HCL VersionVault view to serve as the shared location.

You must remove the .dll and .exe files from the customization directory. The subdirectories for \scripts,\script_tools, and \scripts_rightclick must be present. The \scripts directory becomes the root node Reports in the Report Builder tree pane; you can modify this directory tree. Do not delete any files that are in \script_tools and \scripts_rightclick. You may add your own folders, of course.

The help files that are used by the reports cannot be modified and are not included in the \reports directory. The help file for HCL VersionVault Reports is located in versionvault-home-dir\bin\cc_reports.hlp.