Parameters specification

When you specify parameters, use only those supplied with HCL VersionVault Reports (see the following table). Each parameter has an associated chooser control, parameter text, and a help ID.

Table 1. Parameters supplied with HCL VersionVault Reports
Parameter Default text displayed in the parameter pane Help ID Chooser Selection
ACTIVITIES Select activities in UCM Process VOB 3 Path (UCM) Multiple
ACTIVITY Select activity in UCM Process VOB 6 Path (UCM) Single
ATTRIBUTE With attribute 20 Type Single
ATTRIBUTE_VALUE With value for attribute 21 Text Single
BASELEVEL Type a single UCM baseline object selector (no verification performed) 10 Text Single
BASELEVELS Type a list of UCM baselines object selectors (no verification performed) 14 Text Multiple
BRANCH With branch 23 Type Single
BRANCHLEVELS With integer levels of branching 27 Text Single
CCTIME Since date/time 26 Date/time Single
COMPONENT Type a single UCM component object selector (no verification performed) 9 Text Single
COMPONENTS Type a list of UCM components object selectors (no verification performed) 13 Text Multiple
ELTYPE With element type 24 Text Single
FILE_NAME With filename 28 Text Single
GROUP Associated with group (values are non-domain-qualified) 18 Text Single
HLTYPE With hyperlink type 25 Type Single
INTEGER Enter integer 31 Text Single
ISTREAM Select Integration Stream in UCM Process VOB 7 Path (UCM) Single
ISTREAMS Select Integration Streams in UCM Process VOB 11 Path (UCM) Multiple
LABEL With label 19 Type Single
LOOKIN Select paths in view to report on 15 Path (file selection) Multiple
PATH Enter path 29 Text Single
PROJECT Select project in UCM Process VOB 4 Path (UCM) Single
PROJECTS Select projects in UCM Process VOB 1 Path (UCM) Multiple
PVOB Select one Process VOB Tag 8 Path (file selection) Single
PVOBS Select Process VOBs Tags 12 Path (file selection) Multiple
REGULAR_ EXPRESSION Enter regular expression 32 Text Single
STREAMS Select streams in UCM Process VOB 2 Path (UCM) Multiple
STREAM Select stream in UCM Process VOB 5 Path (UCM) Single
STRING With string 30 Text Single
TRIGGER With trigger 22 Type Single
USER Associated with user (values are non-domain-qualified) 17 Text Single

When you use one of the parameters that is listed in this table, naming it is all that is required. For example, this is the parameters specification for the Elements Changed Between Two Labels report:


The order of parameters is important. They are displayed in the parameter pane in the order of the specification. (Each parameter appears as a link. When users click the link, they are prompted to enter a parameter value.) At run time, the Report Viewer calls the report procedure, which must handle the parameter values in the same order as defined in the specification.

The parameters in this table that are associated with the Type Chooser must also include the LOOKIN parameter in the interface specification. The LOOKIN parameter must have a value before any values for other parameters that use the Type Chooser can be specified. The paths that are the values for the LOOKIN parameter are used to build the set of VOBs that types can be read from. At run time, if a user attempts to set a type parameter in reverse order, the Report Builder displays this error message:

Before this parameter can be set, you must first set a value for the 
"Select pathnames in view to report on" parameter.