Importing directories and files from outside HCL VersionVault version control

If you have a large number of files and directories that you want to place under HCL VersionVault version control, you can speed the process by using the clearexport and clearimport command-line utilities. These utilities allow you to migrate an existing set of directories and files to an HCL VersionVault repository from another version control software system, such as SourceSafe, RCS, or PVCS. You have the following options:
  • Migrate source files directly into a component.
  • Use clearexport and clearimport on VOBs, and then convert the VOBs to components.
  • Migrate directories and flat files that are not currently under any version control.

    Use the clearfsimport command-line utility. Run clearfsimport from within a UCM view to import directories and files directly onto a stream. You can then create a baseline in the stream without having to label the versions. See the clearfsimport reference page for details.

  • On Windows® systems, use the Import Wizard, a graphic user interface (GUI) that you can use as an alternative to the clearexport and clearimport commands.

For details about using clearexport and clearimport, see the Help and the clearexport and clearimport reference pages.