Fields specification

The fields specification defines the names of the field headings and a number of modifiers to describe the results a report procedure returns to the Report Viewer. The following table describes the supported modifiers.
Table 1. Fields modifiers
Modifier Description
sort N Optional. Specifies the sort order for returned records. If specified, this modifier must be a sequence of integers that begin with 1. If no sort specification is made, the records remain in the same order as returned from the report procedure.
Inital_width N Optional. Overrides the default width for the field.
<field_type> Required.
hidden Optional. Prevents display of values for this field in the Report Viewer. If this modifier is used, there is usually an associated sort N modifier for the field.
rightclick Optional. The field value stream that is sent where any right-click action occurs in the Report Viewer. Only one field can be designated as the rightclick field.

For example, the following fields specification describes a single field with the minimum specification allowed. The field_type modifier is required.

fields: "view tag"(view_tag)

In this example, the fields specification defines two fields, view tag and last mod time, with all the allowable modifiers:

fields: "view tag"(view_tag, rightclick, initial_width 10) "last mod
time"(time_t, hidden, sort 1)