Managing activities

In base VersionVault, you work at the version and file level. UCM provides a higher level of abstraction: activities. An activity is an HCL VersionVault object that you use to record the work required to complete a development task. For example, an activity may be to change a graphical user interface (GUI). You may need to edit several files to make the changes. UCM records the set of versions that you create to complete the activity in a change set. Because activities appear throughout the UCM user interface, you can perform operations on sets of related versions by identifying activities rather than having to identify numerous versions.

Because activities correspond to significant project tasks, you can track the progress of a project more easily. For example, you can determine which activities were completed in which baselines. If you use the UCM integration with HCL Compass, you gain additional project management control, such as the ability to assign states and state transitions to activities. You can then generate reports by issuing queries such as "show me all activities assigned to Pat that are in the Ready state."