Isolate work on release bugs to a branch

You can fix bugs found in the released system on a named bug-fix branch, and begin this work with the exact configuration of versions from that release.

This policy reflects the HCL VersionVault baseline-plus-changes model. First, a label (for example, REL2) must be attached to the release configuration. Then, you or any team member can create a view with the following config spec to implement the policy:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * .../rel2_bugfix/LATEST
element * REL2 -mbranch rel2_bugfix

If all fixes are made in one or more views with this configuration, the changes are isolated on branches of type rel2_bugfix. The –mkbranch option causes such branches to be created, as needed, when elements are checked out.

This config spec selects versions from rel2_bugfix branches, where branches of this type exist; it creates such a branch whenever a REL2 version is checked out.