Integration and test

After the merges are complete, the /main/LATEST versions of certain elements represent the efforts of the MIN and FIX teams. Members of the MIN team now compile and test the monet application to find and fix incompatibilities in the work of both teams.

The developers on the MIN team integrate their changes in a single, shared view. The project manager creates the view storage area in a location that is accessible from all developer hosts:

% umask 2
% mkdir /netwide/public
cleartool mkview -tag base1_vu /netwide/public/base1_vu.vws
Created view.
Host-local path: infinity:/netwide/public/base1_vu.vws
Global path:     /net/infinity/netwide/public/base1_vu.vws.
It has the following rights:
User : meister  : rwx
Group: mon      : rwx
Other:          : r-x

Because all integration work takes place on the main branch, there is no need to change the configuration of the new view from the HCL VersionVault default. MIN developers set this view (cleartool setview base1_vu) and coordinate builds and tests of the monet application. Because they are sharing a single view, the developers are careful not to overwrite each other’s view-private files. Any new versions that are created to fix inconsistencies (and other bugs) go onto the main branch.