Labeling sources

The monet application minor enhancements and bug fixes are now integrated, and a clean build has been performed in view base1_vu. To create the baseline, the project manager assigns the same version label, R2_BL1, to the /main/LATEST versions of all source elements. He begins by creating an appropriate label type:

% cleartool mklbtype -c "Release, Baseline 1" R2_BL1@/vobs/monet 
Created label type "R2_BL1".
Created label type "R2_BL1".
He then locks the label type, preventing all developers (except himself) from using it:
% cleartool lock -nusers meister lbtype:R2_BL1@/vobs/monet 
Locked label type "R2_BL1".
Locked label type "R2_BL1".

Before applying labels, she verifies that all elements are checked in on the main branch (checkouts on other branches are still allowed):

% cleartool lscheckout -all /vobs/monet /vobs/libpub

No output from this command indicates that all elements for the monet project are checked in. Now, the project manager attaches the R2_BL1 label to the currently selected version (/main/LATEST) of every element in the two VOBs:

% cleartool mklabel -recurse R2_BL1 /vobs/monet /vobs/libpub

Created label "R2_BL1" on "/vobs/monet" version "/main/1".
Created label "R2_BL1" on "/vobs/monet/src" version "/main/3".
    <many more label messages>