Fixing a final bug

This topic demonstrates the final validation environment in action. Developer arb discovers a serious bug and requests permission to fix it. The project manager grants her permission to create new versions on the main branch, by having vobadm enter this command.

cleartool lock -replace –nusers arb,meister brtype:main
Locked branch type "main".

Developer arb fixes the bug in a view with the default config spec and tests the fix there. This involves creating two new versions of element prs.c and one new version of element opt.c. Each time arb uses the checkin command, the r2_checkin trigger sends mail to the project manager. For example:

Subject: Checkin /vobs/monet/src/opt.c by arb
Checked in by arb.

fixed bug #459: made buffer larger

When regression tests verify that the bug has been fixed, the project manager revokes arb’s permission to create new versions. Once again, the command is executed by vobadm:

cleartool lock -replace –nusers meister brtype:main
Locked branch type "main".

The project manager then moves the version labels to the new versions of prs.c and opt.c, as indicated in the mail messages. For example:

cleartool mklabel -replace R2.0 /vobs/monet/src/opt.c@@/main/9
Moved label "R2.0" on "prs.c" from version "/main/8" to "/main/9".