Creating shared views and standard config specs

As a project manager, you want to control the config specs that determine how branches are created when developers check out files. There are several ways to handle this task:
  • Create a config spec template that each developer must use. Developers can either paste the template into their individual config specs or use the HCL VersionVault include file facility to get the config spec from a common source.
  • Create a view that developers will share. This is usually a good way to provide an integration view for developers to use when they check in work that has evolved in isolation on a private branch.
    Note: Working in a single shared view can degrade system performance.
  • To ensure that all team members configure their views the same way, you can create files that contain standard config specs. For example:
    • /public/config_specs/ABC contains the ABC team config spec
    • /public/config_specs/XYZ contains the XYZ team config spec

Store these config spec files in a standard directory outside a VOB, to ensure that all developers get the same version.