About base HCL VersionVault project management

A project manager is responsible for planning, staffing, and managing the technical aspects of a software development project. You decide what will be worked on, assign work to team members of the project, establish the work schedule, and perhaps the policies and procedures for doing the work.

When development is underway, you monitor progress and generate project status reports. You may also approve the specific work items included in a build and subsequently a baseline.

You may also be the project integrator, responsible for incorporating work that each developer completes into a deliverable and buildable system. You create the project’s baselines and establish the quality level of those baselines.

In the base HCL VersionVault configuration, many features are offered to make this work easier. Before development begins, you need to complete several planning and setup tasks:
  • Setting up the project environment
  • Implementing development policies
  • Defining and implementing an integration policy

Then, you have to complete the implementation details. Multiple topics follow a project throughout the development cycle to show how you can use HCL VersionVault features.

Before reading about project management, read Developing Software to become familiar with the concepts of VOBs, views, and config specs.