Paths in config spec element rules

Network regions on Windows, Linux, and the UNIX system often use different VOB tags to register the same VOBs. Only single-component VOB tags, such as \proj1, are permitted on the Windows® computer; multiple-component VOB tags, such as /vobs/src, are common on Linux and the UNIX system.

When VOB tags differ between regions, any config spec element rules that use full paths (which include VOB tags) can be resolved when the config spec is compiled (cleartool edcs and setcs commands) but only by computers in the applicable network region. This implies a general restriction regarding shared config specs: a given config spec must be compiled only on the operating system for which full paths in element rules make sense. That is, a config spec with full paths is shareable across network regions, even when VOB tags disagree, but it must be compiled in the right place.

The restrictions do not apply if either of the following is true:
  • The config spec element rules use only relative paths, which do not include VOB tags.
  • Shared VOBs are registered with identical, single-component VOB tags in the network regions of the Windows® system, Linux, and the UNIX system. (The VOB tags \r3vob and /r3vob are treated as if they were identical because they differ only in the leading slashes.)