Config spec compilation

A config spec that is in use exists in both text file and compiled formats. A config spec compiled form is portable. The restriction is that full VOB paths in element rules must be resolvable at compile time. A config spec is compiled when you edit or set it (with the cleartool edcs or cleartool setcs command or an HCL VersionVault graphic user interface (GUI)). If a user on the other operating system recompiles a config spec (by issuing the edcs or setcs command or causing the GUI to execute one of these commands), the config spec becomes unusable by any computer using that view. If this happens, recompile the config spec on the original operating system.

The following config spec element rule might cause problems:

element \vob_p2\abc_proj_src\*      \main\rel2\LATEST

If the VOB is registered with VOB tag \vob_p2 on a Windows® network region, but with VOB tag /vobs/vob_p2 in the network region on Linux and the UNIX system, only Windows® computers can compile the config spec.

To address the problem, do one of the following:
  • Use relative paths that do not include VOB tags, for example:
    element ...\abc_proj_src\*      \main\rel2\LATEST
  • On Linux and the UNIX system, change the VOB tag so that it has a single component, for example, /vob_p2.