Omitting the /main/LATEST rule

The config spec in View to modify an old configuration omits the standard /main/LATEST rule. This rule is not useful for work with VOBs in which the version label R1.0 does not exist. In addition, it is not useful in situations where new elements are created. If your development policy is to not create new elements during maintenance of an old configuration, the absence of a /main/LATEST rule is appropriate.

To allow creation of new elements during the modification process, add a fourth configuration rule:
element * CHECKEDOUT
element * /main/r1_fix/LATEST
element * R1.0 –mkbranch r1_fix
element * /main/LATEST –mkbranch r1_fix

When a new element is created with mkelem, the –mkbranch clause in Rule 4 causes the new element to be checked out on the r1_fix branch (which is created automatically). This rule conforms to the scheme of localizing all changes to r1_fix branches.