Selecting versions that built a set of programs

You can expand the config spec that selects only enough files required to rebuild a particular program. You can configure a view with the sources used to build a set of programs, rather than to build a single program. Use a config spec similar to the following one:
element * –config /proj/monet/src/monet
element * –config /proj/monet/src/xmonet
element * –config /proj/monet/src/monet_conf

However, there can be version conflicts in such configurations. For example, different versions of file params.h may have been used in the builds of monet and xmonet. In this situation, the version used in monet is configured, because its configuration rule came first. Similarly, there can be conflicts when using a single –config rule. If the specified derived object was created by actually building some targets and using DO versions of other targets, multiple versions of some source files may be involved.

As described in Fixing bugs in the program, you can modify this config spec to change the build configuration to a development configuration.