Inheriting methods from another type manager

Most of the mp_mgr methods are inherited through symbolic links from the z_whole_copy type manager. You can enter the following commands as the root user in a Bourne shell:

# MP=$CLEARCASEHOME/lib/mgrs/mp_mgr

# for FILE in create_element create_version construct_version \

create_branch delete_branches_versions \

merge xmerge xcompare get_cont_info

> do

> ln –s ../z_whole_copy/$FILE $MP/$FILE

> done


Any methods that the new type manager does not support can be omitted from this list. The lack of a symbolic link causes an Unknown Manager Request error.

Two inherited methods, create_version and construct_version, can serve as models for user-defined methods. Both methods are implemented as scripts in the same file, versionvault-home-dir/lib/mgrs/z_whole_copy/Zmgr.