Using different paths or different scripts

To define a trigger that fires on Linux® and the UNIX system; the Windows® system; or both types of platform, and that uses different paths to point to the trigger scripts, use the mktrtype command with the –execunix and –execwin options. These options behave the same as –exec when the trigger fires on the appropriate platform (Linux® and the UNIX system for –execunix or the Windows® system for –execwin). On the inappropriate type of platform, the related script does not run.

This technique allows a single trigger type to use different paths for the scripts or to use completely different scripts on Linux® or the UNIX system and the Windows® computer. For example:
cleartool mktrtype –element –all –nc –preop checkin 
–execunix /public/scripts/ 
–execwin \\neon\scripts\precheckin.bat  
Tip: The command line example is broken across lines to make the example easier to read. You must enter the command on one line.

On Linux® or the UNIX system, only the script runs. On the Windows® system, only precheckin.bat runs.

To prevent users on a new platform from bypassing the trigger process, triggers that specify only –execunix always fail on the Windows® system. Likewise, triggers that specify only –execwin fail on Linux® and the UNIX system.