Selective merge from a subbranch

In a selective merge from a subbranch, you want to incorporate the changes in version /main/r1_fix/4 into new development. To perform the merge, you specify which versions on the r1_fix branch to include. See the following figure.
Figure 1. Selective merge from a subbranch

The version tree for element opt.c has two branches: main and r1_fix.

In a view configured with the default config spec, enter the following commands to perform the selective merge:

cleartool checkout opt.c
cleartool merge –to opt.c –insert –version /main/r1_fix/4

You can also specify a range of consecutive versions to be merged. For example, this command merges only the changes in versions /main/r1_fix/2 through /main/r1_fix/4:

cleartool merge –to opt.c –insert –version /main/r1_fix/2 /main/r1_fix/4

No merge arrow is created for a selective merge.