Using other merge tools

You can create a merged version of an element manually or with any available analysis and editing tools. For information on using merge tools other than those supplied with HCL VersionVault, refer to the type_manager reference page.

Check out the target version, revise it, and check it in. Immediately before (or after) the checkin, record your activity by using the merge command with the –ndata (no data) option.

% cleartool checkout nextwhat.c

Checkout comments for "nextwhat.c":

merge enhance branch

Checked out "nextwhat.c" from version "/main/1".

invoke your own tools to merge data into checked-out version

% cleartool merge -to nextwhat.c –ndata –version .../enhance/LATEST

Recorded merge of "nextwhat.c".

This form of the merge command does not change any file system data; it merely attaches a merge arrow (a hyperlink of type Merge) to the specified versions. After you make this annotation, your merge is indistinguishable from one performed with HCL VersionVault tools.