All project work isolated on a branch

The standard approach to parallel development isolates all project work on the same branch. More precisely, all new versions of source files are created on like-named branches of their respective elements (that is, on branches that are instances of the same branch type). This makes it possible for a single findmerge command to locate and incorporate all the changes. Suppose the common branch is named gopher. You can enter these commands in a view configured with the default config spec:

cd root-of-source-tree
cleartool findmerge . –fversion .../gopher/LATEST –merge –graphical

The –merge –graphical syntax causes the merge to take place automatically whenever possible, and to start the graphical merge utility if an element merge requires user interaction. If the project has made changes in several VOBs, you can perform all the merges at once by specifying several paths, or by using the –avobs option to findmerge.