Predefined and user-defined element types

Some of the element types (for example, text_file) are predefined. Others (for example, c_src and hdr_file) are not predefined. (The code and commands in the examples work only if user-defined element types with these names are created with the mkeltype command.)

When a new VOB is created, it contains a full set of the predefined element types. Each element type is associated with one of the type managers provided with HCL VersionVault. The mkeltype reference page describes the predefined element types and their type managers.

When you create a new element type with mkeltype, you must specify an existing element type as its supertype. By default, the new element type uses the same type manager as its supertype; in this case, the only distinction between the new and old types is for the purposes described in Other applications of element types. For differential data handling, use the –manager option to create an element type that uses a different type manager from its supertype.