Creating a new type manager

On Linux and the UNIX system, you can create any number of new type managers for use throughout the local network. Use these guidelines:
  • Choose a name for the new type manager. Ideally the name shows its relationship to the data format (for example, bitmap_mgr). Create a subdirectory of versionvault-home-dir/lib/mgrs with this name.
    Tip: Names of user-defined type managers must not begin with underscore.
  • Create symbolic links to make the new type manager inherit some of its methods (file-manipulation operations) from an existing type manager.
  • Create your own program for the methods that you want to customize.
  • On each HCL VersionVault client host in the network, either make a copy of the new type manager directory or create symbolic link to it. The standard storage, performance, and reliability trade-offs apply.
  • If your organization uses HCL VersionVault MultiSite , at every site, either make a copy of the new type manager directory, or create a symbolic link to it.
    Tip: An element type belongs to a VOB, and thus is available on every host that mounts its VOB. But a type manager is host-specific; it is the versionvault-home-dir/lib/mgrs/manager-name directory on some host.

See the type_manager reference page and the file versionvault-home-dir/lib/mgrs/mgr_info.h for additional information on type managers.