Assigning state types to the states of a record type

For each record type that you choose to enable, you must map its states to state types that are defined in the AMStateTypes package. For example, when you apply the UnifiedChangeManagement package to the schema, the UCMUtiltityActivity record type is added. If you try to check in the schema with these changes, you see messages that describe validation errors. You need to map the states of the UCMUtiltityActivity record type to the states in the AMStatesTypes package. Likewise, if you apply the BaseCMActivity package to the schema, map the states of the BaseCMActivity record type to the state of the AMStatesTypes package.

You see these validation errors because the AMStatesTypes package is applied to the schema when you apply the UnifiedChangeManagement package. To eliminate the validation errors and be able to check in the schema, for each record type that is added, map its states to the state types of the AMStatesTypes package.