Mapping the HCL VersionVault server process user (TAS 6.x)

About this task

TAS requires a username map that associates the Windows® account for the HCL VersionVault server process user with an appropriate user account on Linux® or the UNIX® system. (See Common user and group names for more information about this account.) This topic assumes that the HCL VersionVault server process user account on Windows is versionvault_albd.


  1. Click TAS System in the menu frame.
    The TAS System Configuration and Administration pane is displayed.
  2. Click Username Maps.
    The Username Maps pane is displayed. Make these changes to support HCL VersionVault:
    1. In the field, type the name of an existing user account on Linux or the UNIX system, and click Create. This account must meet the criteria listed in Specifying the Windows domain for credential mapping of users on hosts running Linux or the UNIX system
    2. In List of client accounts, type versionvault_albd.
  3. Click Submit at the bottom of the form and then click OK in the confirmation message.