How can I manage my archived mail?

You can view the messages in an archive mail file on a server, add messages to the archive, and restore messages from it.

Opening an archive file

To open an archive mail file, from the Folders panel in mail, click the archive folder archive folder icon at the end of your folder list. For example: archive folder example

Archiving a message

To move a message to an archive mail file, open the message and select the archive from the Folders drop-down within the message:An archive called VOP_Archive selected in the Folders drop-down

Or, just drag the message to the archive in the Folders panel.

Restoring an archived message

To restore an archived message to your mail file, select the archived message in the archive mail file. Select the Restore action to restore it but also keep it in the archive. Select the Restore and Delete action to restore it and delete it from the archive. Restore action and Restore and Delete action

Features that are not available from archived mail

The following features are not available from archived mail:
  • Replying to or forwarding a message from mail 1
  • Responding to a calendar invitation, for example, accepting, declining, rescheduling.
  • Composing a message
  • Creating a calendar event
  • "Important to me" people in the top bar
  • Verse Settings
  • Mail notifications
  • Calendar alarms
  • Offline use
  • Viewing mail and calendar for others
  • Importing a calendar

1 This feature is not available by default, but your administrator can enable it.