Enabling dynamic online meeting services

Beginning with Verse 3.2.1, administrators can apply a notes.ini setting to control the meeting services that are available for users to schedule dynamic online meetings.

Note: The dynamic online meeting feature is only supported in Domino 12.0.2 FP2 and above.
The meeting services are controlled using a notes.ini on the server: $OnlineMeetingIntegration. For example, to enable just Sametime and WebEx, the admin would set: $OnlineMeetingIntegration=Sametime,WebEx. If this setting is not set, then all of the supported services are visible to the end user.
The supported meeting service values for $OnlineMeetingIntegration are:
WebEx -> WebEx
Sametime -> Sametime
Microsoft Team -> Teams
Zoom -> Zoom
GoToMeeting -> gtm
Note: The notes.ini values for $OnlineMeetingIntegration are case-insensitive. So the following examples have the same effect:



For Sametime only: The Sametime/ Verse integration needs to be enabled. For more information, see Configuring integration with HCL Sametime. Additionally, the following notes.ini is required: VOP_DOMI_ST_ROOTURL=<url to the Sametime meeting server>.
Note: Administrators should note that iNotes_WA_SametimeProxyServerSSL and VOP_DOMI_ST_ROOTURL are different. iNotes_WA_SametimeProxyServerSSL points to the Sametime chat server while VOP_DOMI_ST_ROOTURL points to the Sametime meetings server.