Use new settings to manage your calendar

Three new calendar settings help you manage meetings.

The Calendar tab of Mail and Calendar Settings includes the following new settings:
  • My work day is. Use this setting to select a time range for your work day. Times that are outside of the range are grayed out in the Day view of your Calendar. This information is visible only to you as a reference for managing your schedule.
    My work day is setting
  • Types of meeting notices to show in your Inbox. Use this setting to control the extent to which meeting invitations and responses show in the Inbox. Default is All. To avoid seeing responses to your meeting invitations (such as updates and acceptances) in the Inbox, select All except responses to your invitations. To display all meeting notices in your Calendar only and not in your Inbox, select None. Changing the setting affects future notices.
    Types of meeting notices to show in your Inbox setting
    Note: Notices that are not shown in the Inbox can still be seen in the All Documents view.
  • Display new (unprocessed) notices This setting controls whether meeting notices that you haven't responded to are seen in your Calendar view. By default, they are seen. Clear this option to avoid seeing them in your Calendar.
    Display new (unprocessed) notices setting