New features for administrators

HCL Verse 2.0 provides the following new features for administrators.

Enable three clicks for accessing attachments and web links

Administrators can enable a notes.ini setting that enhances security by requiring three clicks to download attachments or access web links. For more information, see Enabling the three-click requirement for attachments and links in the administrator documentation.

Display users' Notes names

Administrators can use a server notes.ini setting to display user names in their HCL Notes® format. For more information, see Enabling user names to display in Notes format in the administrator documentation.

iwaredir.ntf support for SAML

The iwaredir.ntf design provides support for using SAML authentication. For more information, see Step 16 in the topic Installing and configuring.

Disable the new event design

The new calendar event design is on automatically starting in Verse 2.0. However, administrators can use the notes.ini setting VOP_GK_FEATURE_168=0 on the Domino server to disable it and revert to the earlier event design.