Configuring integration with HCL Sametime

Starting with Verse 1.0.3, integration with Sametime 9.0.1 FP1 is supported.

Before you begin

  • Configure Sametime integration for Domino iNotes. For more information, see the topic Setting up iNotes with Sametime in the Domino documentation.
  • Configure SSO (LTPA) and synchronize between servers. For information, see HCL Sametime documentation.


Add the following settings to the notes.ini file on the Domino server that hosts Verse, then restart the HTTP task:
iNotes_WA_SametimeProxyServerSSL=<ST proxy server>

where iNotes_WA_SametimeProxyServerSSL is the Sametime proxy server, for example, iNotes_WA_SametimeProxyServerSSL=

  • Use VOP_GK_sametime_rich_client=0 if you always want users to chat through the Sametime web client. Use VOP_GK_sametime_rich_client=1 if you want users to chat through the Sametime rich client (either standalone or embedded in Notes) when available but otherwise chat through the web client.
  • If you use the embedded Sametime client in Notes, add the setting into plugin_customization.ini, located at C:\notes_install_directory\framework\rcp .