Deploying extensions

You can deploy extensions to enhance the functionality and experience of Verse On-Premises. To do so, you register your own web applications with Verse that declare one or more extensions.

Note: For best security, run extensions from a different origin than the Verse application. Extensions that run from the same origin as Verse have full access to the Verse application page content and therefore potentially are less secure. Any extension code that runs from the Verse origin should be reviewed and fully trusted by your organization.
Here are some of the enhancements you can make:
  • Add clickable links.
  • Add widgets.
  • Add custom address selection when composing new messages.
  • Validate message content.
  • Display "live text" links in messages that when clicked open a menu of custom actions.
  • Customize the navigation bar by adding or hiding top-level links and adding submenus.
  • Integrate a third-party file repository.

For complete information on extending Verse On-Premises, see the Verse developer site.

Verse On-Premises supports two approaches to deploy your applications/extensions to end users:
  • Deploying extensions using the built-in endpoint
  • Deploying extensions using a custom endpoint
For more information on deploying extensions, see the topic on deploying extensions on the Verse developer site.