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IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.5 documentation
Welcome to the IBM Verse™ On-Premises 1.0.5 documentation. Here you can find documentation for administrators and for users.
IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.5 provides the following new features and enhancements.
New calendar event design preview
A preview of a new calendar event design offers an improved experience for creating and managing events in your calendar.
Add an image of yourself from Gravatar
You can upload an image of yourself to an account on Gravatar web site (gravatar.com) that is then shown in the Verse "important to me" bar. An administrator enables this feature.
Minimize a new message or new calendar event in the mail view
You can minimize a new message or calendar event that you compose from the mail view. Minimizing collapses the message or event and moves it to the bottom of the window temporarily so that you can read other mail content.
Select from suggested folders
As you add or move a message to a folder, Verse suggests ones to select based on the folders you've used previously:
Print your calendar
You can print your calendar and choose printing options.
Show an additional time zone in your calendar
Do you have co-workers that are in a different time zone? Now you can add the times from their time zone in your calendar to make it easier to schedule meetings with them.
Remove all messages from the Trash at once
There's now an Empty Trash option to remove all messages from the Trash folder at one time:
Put the word Confidential in the subject of a message
As you compose a message, use the option Mark Subject Confidential to precede the message subject with the word Confidential:
What's new for developers?
The following new extension points and enhancements are available for developers in IBM Verse® On-Premises 1.0.5.
IBM Verse is mail that understands you. It has less clutter and more clarity for getting you connected to the people who matter to you most. Designed for mobile devices, and powered by IBM's analytics and advanced search, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around.
Why do I see people in the top bar?
One of the main aspects of IBM Verse that sets it apart is that it lets you have, within easy reach, all the things that are important to you. People are a big part of this idea.
How do I use business cards to see my colleagues' information?
IBM Verse® business cards keep all the necessary personal information for your contacts within easy reach, while at the same time taking it one step further. In Verse, the business card is more than just a source of contact information, it becomes a modern social tool, giving you the opportunity to interact with your colleagues in a variety of ways.
How do I show my picture?
There are two ways to show a picture of yourself in Verse: through the Gravatar web site or through your IBM Connections profile. You can use just one of these methods.
How do I find what I'm looking for?
One of the most powerful and useful features of IBM Verse is its dynamic and analytics-driven search capacity. Search through every piece of mail with precision and ease.
How do I master mail?
IBM Verse gives you many great ways to take control of your mail.
How do I manage my calendar?
IBM Verse gives you many options for managing your work day, whether it's from the quick access Calendar Bar on your mail view, or the powerful and unique Calendar Inbox.
How do I share and link to my files?
IBM Verse® goes beyond simple file attachments by allowing you to share files and link to folders in the cloud. When composing a message, you can select files from your computer or files and folders from IBM Connections™.
How do I personalize IBM Verse?
From the navigation bar, click your profile image and then select Mail and Calendar Settings to change mail, calendar, out of office, security, and delegation settings.
How can I use keyboard shortcuts?
IBM Verse gives you ways to simplify your experience through keyboard shortcuts.
IBM Verse™ is an email and business messaging experience that is based on an innovative user-centric design, including social analytics and advanced search capabilities. Verse helps users quickly find and focus on what content is most important, empowering them to build stronger working relationships while optimizing business results.
Accessibility features
Accessibility features assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology content successfully.
System requirements
See the following technote:
Installing and configuring
To install and configure IBM Verse™ On-Premises on a Domino® mail server, complete the following steps.
Enabling the new calendar event form
A new calendar event form design offers an improved experience for creating and managing events in the calendar.
Enabling users to add photos of themselves
You can enable Verse to use the Gravatar service to display photos of users. Users upload images to the Gravatar service and the client's server connects to Gravatar to display the photos in the "important to me" bar.
Integrating with Connections
You can configure IBM Verse™ On-Premises to work with IBM Connections™ 6 or 5.5 CR2.
Integrating with Box
If you've purchased Box, follow this procedure to enable users to share Box files and folders from IBM Verse™.
Deploying extensions
You can deploy extensions to enhance the functionality and experience of Verse On-Premises. To do so, you register your own web applications with Verse that declare one or more extensions. You can leverage the same extension points supported by Verse on Cloud.
If you need to uninstall Verse™ On-Premises application files, simply stop the Domino Web server, remove the Verse On-Premises .jar files, and then restart the Domino Web server.