Installing Unica Segment Central in console mode

The console mode allows you to install Unica Segment Central command-line window. You can select various options in the command-line window to complete tasks such as selecting the products to install or selecting the home directory for the installation.

Before you begin

Before you install Segment Central, ensure that you have configured the following.
  • An application server profile
  • A database schema

To display the installer screens correctly in console mode, configure your terminal software to support UTF-8 character encoding. Other character encodings, such as ANSI, do not render the text correctly, and some information is not readable with these encodings.


  1. Open a command-line prompt window and navigate to the directory where you have saved the Unica installer and the Interact installer.
  2. Complete one of the following actions to run the Unica installer.
    • For Windows, enter the following command:

      Unica_installer_full_name -i console

      For example, HCL_Unica_Installer_12.1.7.0_win.exe -i console

    • For UNIX, invoke the file.

      For example:

  3. Run the Unica installer file.

    For example:

  4. Follow the directions that are displayed in the command-line prompt. Use the following guidelines when you must select an option in the command-line prompt:
    • The default options are defined by the symbol [X].
    • To select or clear an option, type the number that is defined for the option, and then press Enter.
    For example, suppose that the following list displays the components that you can install:
    • 1 [X] Unica Platform
    • 2 [X] Unica Campaign
    • 3 [X] Unica Segment Central
  5. The Unica installer launches the Unica Platform installer during the installation process. Follow the instructions in the command-line prompt window of the Platform installer.
  6. After you enter quit in the Unica Segment Central installer command-line prompt window, the window shuts down. Follow the instructions in the command-line prompt window of the Unica installer to complete the installation of Unica Segment Central.
    Note: If any error occurs during the installation, a log file is generated. You must exit the installer to view the log file.