Installation prompt windows

During the installation of Unica Segment Central, several prompt windows display. After you enter the required information, prompt windows display your responses and require a confirmation before you continue. Prompt windows give you the opportunity to make corrections, if needed.

For reference, an example of the prompts that display during installation on a UNIX server using console mode follows. Be sure to read and follow the instructions that display during your actual installation.

Use the following example to help you gather required information before you begin your installation and for reference during your installation.

Table 1. Example installation prompts and responses
Prompt Response
-bash-4.OS Initial prompt. Supply the name of the master installer file and any variables for the database setup utility that you want to use for the installation.
Choose Locale Supply a number to choose one of the listed languages. To use the default locale, 2- English, press Enter.
Introduction If a previous version of the product is installed, an upgrade is initiated.

If the same version of the product is installed, proceeding drops all tables and data.

Response Files Generation Supply a number to choose whether to generate response files for use in an unattended installation. If you generate response files, you can supply a destination path.
Choose Product Features A numbered list of features displays. Features with a check mark [X] are selected for installation, features with no check mark [ ] are not selected. To change the selections, supply numbers to switch from selected to cleared (or vice versa) by using a comma-separated list, then press Enter.

For example, you see this list of features:

1-  Unica Platform
2-  Unica Segment Central

To install Unica Platform only, supply 2 and press Enter.

Master (Unica Platform) installation
Installation Directory
Select Application Server
Platform Database Type Supply information for the Unica Platform system table database.
Platform Database Host Name
Platform Database Port
Platform Database Name/System ID (SID)
Platform Database User Name
Platform Database Password
JDBC Connection
JDBC Driver Classpath
Product-specific (Unica Segment Central) installation
Introduction For each product feature you chose to install, the specific product name displays followed by the reinstallation warning.
Installation Directory
Campaign Database Configuration Supply a number to choose automatic or manual.
  • Select the database used in Unica Campaign.
  • Configure the requested values for Campaign database.
JDBC Connection Configure the path for JDBC connection
Unica Segment Central Settings Configure connection setting values like Network domain, Host name, and Port number.
Deployment EAR file Supply a number to choose whether to create an enterprise archive (EAR) file