Moving a segment folder

About this task

You can organize strategic segments by creating folders for them, and then moving the folders into a hierarchical structure. For moving a new folder, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Platform home page, select Marketing Central > Segment Central
    The All Segments page appears
  2. Select the folder that you want to move. Right click on the folder and click on Move option. Else, from the folder list section, click on Actions button and select Move option.
    The Selected folders page appears.
  3. Select the location to which you want to move the selected folder.
  4. Click Move here.
    A Move folders confirmation message saying Are you sure? You are about to move the selected (n) folders into the folder ‘Folder name’ appears.
  5. Select Move.
    The subfolder and all of its segments are moved into the destination folder.