Guidelines for creating custom dashboard reports

The Unica reporting packages for Unica Campaign, Unica Interact, Unica Deliver, and Unica Plan include pre-configured reports (portlets) that are specially formatted for use with Unica dashboards.

See the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide for details on working with dashboards and for using these pre-configured portlets.

If you want to create custom dashboard reports in Cognos® Report Studio, use the following guidelines.

  • Examine the reference documentation that describes the metadata model and the specifications of the example reports from the report package. This documentation is in the ProductNameReportPack\cognosN\docs subdirectory in the reports package installation directory, where N is the version number of your Cognos® installation.
  • Save all dashboard reports in the appropriate product subdirectory under the main Unica Dashboards folder.
  • The report must be formatted and sized so it fits properly in a dashboard portlet. See Dashboard report styles for a description of the formatting you must use.
  • Do not include a title in a dashboard report. The portlet it appears in gives the report its title.
  • Do not include hyperlinks in a dashboard report.
  • Do not include page numbers in a dashboard report.

To create a dashboard portlet and add the report to it, see the Unica Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.