Creating a Campaign Custom Attributes schema

You need just one Campaign Custom Attributes schema for each partition. The same schema is used for all audience levels.

About this task

To create a Campaign Custom Attributes schema, complete the following steps.


  1. Select Settings > Configuration.
  2. Expand Reports > Schemas > Campaign > Campaign Custom Attributes.
  3. In the New category name, enter a descriptive name for the reporting schema that indicates the partition.
    For example, Campaign Custom Attributes Partition 2.
  4. Under the new node in the Configuration tree, expand Columns and add the custom cell, offer, and campaign attributes that are required by the partition for which you are creating this reporting schema.

    For help with this step, see Adding custom attributes.

  5. Optional: You can edit the view names. Under the new node, expand SQL Configuration and select each item to examine the view names. If you change names, make sure that names are no longer than 18 characters, are in all uppercase letters, and include no spaces.
  6. Click Save Changes.