How to configure the Interaction Point Performance dashboard portlet

Unica Interact has one Cognos® dashboard report: Interaction Point Summary. Because dashboard reports do not prompt users for query parameters, the channel ID of the interactive channel in the Interaction Point Performance report is a static value. By default, the channel ID for this report is set to 1. If the channel ID is not correct for your implementation, you can customize the report and change the channel ID in the report's filter expression.

To customize any of the Cognos® reports, you need Cognos® report authoring skills. For detailed documentation about creating and editing Cognos® BI reports, see the Cognos® BI documentation, especially Cognos® BI Report Studio Professional Authoring User Guide for your version of Cognos®.

For information about the queries and data items in the Interaction Point Performance report, see the reference documentation that is provided in the Unica Interact reports package.

To display a chart for more than one interactive channel in the Dashboard, make a copy of the Interaction Point Performance Dashboard and modify the channel ID. Then, create a new dashboard portlet for the new report and add it to your dashboards.