Configuring report folder permissions

In addition to controlling access to the Analytics menu item and the Analysis tabs for object types (campaigns and offers, for example), you can configure permissions for groups of reports that are based on the folder structure in which they are physically stored on the IBM® Cognos® system.

Before you begin

Before you run Sync Report Folder Permissions, you must ensure that the following conditions exist:
  • Reporting is enabled.
  • The Cognos® server where reports are configured is up and running.


Complete the following steps to configure report folder permissions:
  1. Log in as a Unica Campaign administrator who has the ReportSystem role.
  2. Select Settings > Sync report folder Permissions.

    The system retrieves the names of the folders that are located on the IBM® Cognos® system, for all partitions. (This means that if you decide to configure folder permissions for any partition, you must configure it for all of them.)

  3. Select Settings > User roles and permissions > Campaign.
  4. Under the Campaign node, select the first partition.
  5. Select Add roles and assign permissions.
  6. Select Save and edit permissions.
  7. On the Permissions form, expand Reports.

    The Reports entry does not exist until after you run the Sync report folder permissions option for the first time.

  8. Grant permission for Performance reports to the appropriate role.
  9. Configure the access settings for the report folders appropriately and then save your changes.
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for each partition.