HCL Cognos BI installation options

You can install HCL® Cognos® BI applications either in a distributed environment or on one computer.

Before you install HCL Cognos BI, use the IBM® Cognos BI Architecture and Deployment Guide to learn about recommended components, installation options, and configuration approaches.

The HCL Cognos documentation uses two categories to describe installations: distributed environment or single computer. For best results, do not install all components on one computer unless for a proof of concept or demonstration environment.

Installing the subset of HCL Cognos BI applications that HCL reporting uses requires that you use two HCL Cognos installers. One installer provides the HCL Cognos BI server, Content Manager, Cognos Configuration, and web-based user interfaces. You use a separate installer to install Framework Manager, the metadata modeling tool, because it must be installed on a Windows™ computer.

See the Cognos documentation for complete installation details.