To use the JDBC connector, your system must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Database version and drivers that supports JDBC connector.
  • Database drivers that comply with JDBC 4.2 or later specifications.
  • Based on the installation type, place the drivers in the appropriate location. Depending on your database, place the appropriate JAR files within the com.hcl.hip.adapters.m4jdbc folder in the DTXHOME/jars location.
    • Native installation

      DTXHOME is <Link_Installation_Folder>/tomcat-context/install

    • Docker installation

      DTXHOME for Server: /opt/hcl/hip

      DTXHOME for Rest/Runtime: /opt/runtime

    • Windows Installation

      DTXHOME is <Link_Installation_Folder>

Note: Unica Link installation does not package drivers with the installer.