Manually updating Apache Tomcat 9 for the Link application

This procedure defines the steps to manually update the installed Apache Tomcat 9 software for the Link application. If the currently installed version of Apache Tomcat 9 has a security issue that is resolved in a later version, you can follow these steps to update it.

About this task

To manually update Apache Tomcat 9 for Link application on windows platform, complete the following steps:


  1. Download the latest 64-bit Windows binaries of Apache Tomcat 9 in ZIP format from the official Apache Tomcat website.
  2. Copy the downloaded ZIP archive into the <Link installation folder>/restapi/tomcat folder.
  3. Complete the following steps:
  4. Run the following command to clean any existing Apache Tomcat installation:
  5. Use a Text Editor to modify the dtxtomcat.ini configuration file located at the <Link installation folder>\restapi\tomcat\ location. Update the string TomcatVersion=9.0.XX to match the version of the downloaded Apache Tomcat 9 from Step 1. Save the changes.
  6. From the same command prompt window folder, as mentioned in Step 3, run the following command to install Apache Tomcat: