Installation of Unica Link in Docker Mode


  • Docker
Important: Unica Link does not offer Docker installation compatibility on Red Hat platforms version 8 and beyond.


To configure most properties of Link, use the file config.yaml.

Review the config.yaml file before performing the installation to confirm all default options are as expected.

To reconfigure after installation, update those files and reinstall Link.

You will notice several directories specified in those configuration files. If you, or the group that you install as, lacks Read/Write access to these directories, contact a system administrator to create the directories and transfer ownership.

If you are installing as a non-root user, use ports above 1024 to avoid permission issues. The default ports are:


Read the Link Utility documentation before following the installation steps. You may need to adjust commands according to your use-case.
  1. The following commands are intended for a quick-start scenario:
    1. Use the following command to generate configuration:
      ./Link configure -–generate
    2. Change the Unica Journey/Unica Campaign/Unica Platform properties under <Link installer>/ integration-context/apps/ and place the connectors under <Link installer>/ integration-context/connectors.
    3. Enable the Unica application to embed the Link UI. Customize the Link configuration by changing the value of the contentSecurityPolicy parameter in <Link installer>/Config.yaml file. The value is list of URLs that point to Unica journey and Unica Campaign web application servers. For example, the URLs can be http://ipaddress:port or http://hostname:port which point to Unica journey and Unica Campaign web application servers.

      If the URLs are not set correctly, Unica cannot access link in iframe and you will see and error while loading the link in iframe.

    4. ./Link configure --type docker --integration unica
    5. ./Link install
    6. Change the kafkalink properties under /opt/hip-rest/config/.
    7. Either start all components or continue to the troubleshooting section for any errors.
      ./Link start

Installing Link Offline

Internet access is required for the installation of Link.