Configuring SSL certificates for the Link Apache Tomcat application server

If you implement Link on a setup containing Apache Tomcat sever, the implementation works as a Tomcat application.

About this task

Apache Tomcat uses a Java keystore to store SSL certificates. To import certificates into the Link application server Java keystore, use the openssl utility. For more details related to openssl installation, see

To configure SSL certificates for the Link Apache Tomcat application server, complete the following steps:


  1. To export the SSL certificates into pkcs12 format, run the command open ssl pkcs12. The system prompts you to provide the password phrase (for example <my passphrase>) to protect the generated certificate file. The -CAfile command option supplies the CA bundle.
    If GoDaddy provides multiple CA PEM files, bundle all CA files (concatenated as text files) into single file named cabundle.crt:
  2. Depending on the platform, access the keytool application from the provided location:

    To generate java keystore, run the following command:

  3. For Microsoft Windows and Linux-based operating systems, copy the generated Java keystore to the following location:
    where <Link installation folder> is:
  4. In case of Link installation on Docker environment, copy the keystore file from a local folder to the hip-rest container at /usr/local/tomcat using the docker cp command. The value of <my pass phrase> must match the passphrase value in the /usr/local/tomcat/conf/server.xml file within the container.
  5. Restart the Link application. If your user profile has all the appropriate privileges, open a shell and change the working directory to the installation root.