Configuration details

The following are the configuration details for successfully configuring the Link Cosmos DB Integration:

  • Update the value of cosmosDBUri to the URI of your Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB in the config.yaml file if the customer is using cosmosDB, otherwise keep the existing MongoDB setting.

    Note: Link is already using MongoDB and mongoClient supports CosmosDB, so no change is required in existing jars.
  • Updated Link Hip-Server build to integrate MongoDB and cosmosDB.
    • _isCosmosDB flag added to verify Cosmos DB from metadata.
    • For cosmos indexes on the collections changed from index.hashed to index.ascending as Cosmos DB does not support hashed indexes.
    • The schema.getCurrentTypes is set to 2,000 for Cosmos DB while it is 10,000 for MongoDB.
    • The chunk size is set to 2,000,000 (2 Mb) for Cosmos DB as it is 10,000,000 (10 Mb) for MongoDB.