Customizing Link URL and Selecting HTTPS protocol

The Link default URL: https://localhost:4443/login uses HTTPS protocol on port 4443.

If you want to use a non-default port and HTTPS protocol, you must update the client inbound settings in the configuration file config.yaml.
  • port
  • protocol
  • host

For detailed instruction see the config.yaml file.

You can modify the Link UI Client configuration after installing Link without the need to reinstall the product by editing settings in this file: C:\HCL\Link_<version-number>\config\config.yaml.

To change any of the Link UI Client specific parameters, modify the related settings in the config file and save the changes. Then restart Link to activate the changes.

For example, to enable HTTP transport for the Link UI:
  1. Change the Link UI specific parameters as defined in the file config\config.yaml.
  2. Change the client/inbound/protocol parameter value to http:
    protocol: "http"
    port: 80
  3. Open an Administrative terminal window and change current folder to DesignServer:
    cd C:\HCL\Link_<version>\DesignServer\
  4. Run the Link UI client update utility.
  5. Access the Link UI running on <my Link Server hostname> server using the following http URL:
    http://<my Link Server hostname>:<port>/login